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Up Close

Between 2011 and 2014 I was the science and technology producer for the University of Melbourne’s podcast, Up Close. Below are the episodes where I also sat in the host’s seat:

Natural value: Pricing ecosystems, and its implications for conservation policy (09/14)
Ribosomes: Unlocking the secrets of your cellular protein factories (09/ 14)
Altered expression: Epigenetics and its influence on human development (08/ 14)
Viral diary: The global rise and near demise of polio (07/ 14)
Organs on a chip: How 3D models of living tissue are changing biomedical research (07/ 14)
Brain of the beholder: The neuroscience of beauty (06/ 14)
Innocent bystander: How childhood diarrhoea can trigger diabetes (05/ 14)
Improving the view: Positive psychology in preventing the repeat of psychotic episodes (04/ 14)
Prey for the oceans: How marine predators influence marine ecology (03/ 14)
Brains at risk: The curious link between strokes and Alzheimer’s disease (03/ 14)
Fur and against: Scrutinizing the efficacy of animal testing and its alternatives (03/ 14)
Moment’s notice: Enhancing well-being through the practice of mindfulness (02/ 14)
Inherited risk: The benefit and burden of genetic testing for heritable diseases (01/ 14)
Gut harmony: Why the right mix of microbes is important to our health (01/ 14)
Music and mind: Can Mozart really sharpen your neural connections? (12/ 13)
Life by numbers: Systems biology and its approach to researching disease (11/ 13)
You’ve got male: The wide-ranging effects of testosterone (10/ 13)
Hormones in a hurry: Uneasy passages through puberty and adolescence (09/ 13)
Sequencing seizures: Discovering new genetic mutations behind epilepsy (09/ 13)
Beyond exceptional: What makes a child prodigy? (08/ 13)
Setting forth safely: Travel health before, during, and after the journey (07/ 13)
Pregnancy 2.0: The lingering effects of modern reproduction (07/ 13)
Vanquishing the vectors: Enlisting bacteria to fight mosquito-borne disease (07/ 13)
Prey to temptation: Our struggle with irrational health choices (05/ 13)
Where’s your compassion? Generation Y and the new empathy deficit (05/ 13)
Carrots that stick: Rethinking pleasure and pain as human motivators (04/ 13)
Enquiry on exhibit: enlisting art to help communicate science (03/ 13)
Less than us: are people hardwired to dehumanize others? (01/ 13)
Contentedly caged? Researching the behavior of animals in captivity (12/ 12)
Lifting the baseline: tackling health care challenges in developing economies (11/ 12)
Toxic titbits? The effects of nanoparticles on our health (09/ 12)
Sexing the wallaby: marsupial reproduction and what it says about us (09/ 12)
Not just the King’s speech: stuttering and its causes (08/ 12)
Reaping what we sow: agriculture’s role in climate change (01/ 12)
Conditions of affluence and aging: fatty liver disease, macular degeneration (01/ 12)
Healthy moves: exercise for cancer patients, and insights into arthritis (12/ 11)
Peak fish: rising human consumption of seafood, and its implications (12/ 11)
Something in the air: chemical communication via pheromones (11/ 11)
Worming their way: parasites, their larvae, and your brain (10/ 11)
Mosquito bytes: fighting malaria with computational science (07/ 11)


‘Poo transplants’ – the Australian story, recorded for Ockham’s Razor (ABC Radio National) (02/ 13)
From 2011 until I moved away in 2015, I regularly co-hosted 3RRR’s science show, Einstein-a-Go-Go. You can listen to a specific week’s show here, or subscribe to the podcasts here.

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