a bit about me:

I am an award-winning freelance science journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. My reporting runs the gamut from news to features, essays and in-depth investigations. My passions are human evolution and the tensions between conservation and society. These have taken a backseat to reporting about COVID-19 since that calamity began.

In 2021, I won the Finkel Foundation Eureka Prize for Long-Form Science Journalism for my Cosmos article on COVID disease modelling and its origins

I’m a regular contributor of news and features for Nature and Cosmos Magazine. My work has also been published by The Atlantic (via UnDark), Science, The Guardian, The Monthly, Smith Journal and others.


My articles have also found a second home in the Best Australian Science Writing anthologies in 2014, 2015, 2019 and 2020 (NewSouth Books). In 2021, I was thrilled to be the editor of The Best Australian Science Writing 2021.

Like many science writers, I started out treading the academic path – I have a PhD in plant genetics, and also spent time working in sexual health research.